Happy Tails

Hannah is such a wonderful addition to our family! We can’t imagine life without her and have both fallen head over heels for her! She couldn’t be a more perfect dog for us and we simply love her to pieces. She has opened up a lot and has made lots of new friends, both with two and four legs! We take her to the dog park at least once or twice a week and are starting to go to socialization time with a behavior specialist at her new vet office.

She has also become very close with Andrew’s parents’ dogs and her friend Mia (also a rescued pup) just down the street. We’ve also introduced her to several children at a wide variety of ages and she is very gentle, yet confident around each one! She is learning simple commands and is well house trained. She is a great eater and is getting much better at spending time in her crate.

She wasn’t fond of us leaving at first, but now we have a strict routine that we follow in the mornings to make sure she is nice and tired out after a run and happily goes in her crate with her treat-filled kong and nyla bone! We’re also looking into getting her into some agility down the road because she seems to love jumping over things and running through and around Andrew’s parents’ which is a bit of an obstacle course for her!

We couldn’t be happier with Hannah and can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care she received when she was fostered by you!!

-Meghan Peters

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