Byrd Wedding Favors

Justin and Libby visited the Franklin County Dog Shelter in August 2010 looking for their first pet. The couple fell in love with Ringo, a small beagle mix, and made him part of their family.

"We look back at that as the day our household became complete," said Justin. "We renamed him George (keeping with the Beatle's theme, of course)."

Justin and Libby were recently married. Rather than giving out small favors to their guests, the couple made a $500 donation to Friends of the Shelter and the dogs at the Franklin County Dog Shelter in honor of their buddy George. "We hope this money can help out with the animals still at the Shelter waiting for someone to open their homes and hearts to them," said Justin.

Congratulations, Justin, Libby & George! And thank you for your generous donation.

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