Meet Carter

Carter arrived at the Franklin County Dog Shelter in the fall of 2009. He was flea infested, suffering from parvo virus, and wouldn’t eat or let people close. Dr. Libby and Friends of the Shelter gave Carter the care he needed to heal and to find his forever home.

Danyll adopted Carter later that year and boasts about the wonderful dog and companion he is.

“Carter just turned 3 years old and we had a party for him with about 20 of his friends. He is quite the socialite and loves everyone. He recently was entered into a local photographer's Cutest Dog in Columbus photo contest and won! Carter has been such a wonderful addition to our family and I'd like to thank you for taking such great care of him when he came into Franklin County with parvo. He is extremely spoiled (but well deserved) and has so much fun playing witCarterBarh his brother and sister, Thomas and Lexi (our cats).

Thanks again for helping my baby boy get back to health. He is truly the love of my life!”

- Danyll Rougeux

Danyll also shares that Carter loves to play with the neighbor’s labs, enjoys their routine trips to the dog park, and has learned many tricks, including how to herd. He travels twice a month to a farm near Cincinnati where he herds sheep.

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