Meet Chloe (now known as Abby)

Chloe came to the Franklin County Dog Shelter suffering from Heartworms. Friends of the Shelter funded her treatment and recuperative care.

"Abby and I met in August and after a few weeks of adjusting, we are very happy! At first, she had some anxiety and separation issues, but once she realized I would always return and this was her forever home, she calmed down. No medication required! She is a sweet dog and has to be by my side at all times. She is pushing 60 lbs. but will crawl up in my lap and let me cuddle her like a baby! We go to the park and she plays with all the other dogs. She loves to chase her friends, squirrels or birds. She does really well on the leash and we run about 3-4 days a week. Recently, she completed a 10 mile run with me! She loves to swim but hates the sprinklers! She is very smart and I have to lock the back gate or she will open it in 2 seconds!

Since I lost Cooper (my golden retriever) in 2009, I had been hesitant to adopt another dog. I didn’t think I could ever find another dog that was as wonderful as Cooper, so deciding to adopt Abby was difficult for me. I’m so happy to have her in my life. And I believe she is equally happy!"

-Rebecca Walden, Abby's new owner

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