Meet Sugar

Sugar's story is a miraculous one. She came to the Shelter in bad shape – a puppy weighing just over a pound, limp, and near death. Friends of the Shelter funded the pup’s care with Dr. Libby Kinsel at Creature Comforts Veterinary Hospital. Sugar would not eat and had seizures from low blood sugar. Dr. Libby force-fed the puppy every 4 hours around-the-clock for a month in an effort to save her life. When it seemed all hope was lost for the little Shih Tzu mix, Dr. Libby discovered the secret for getting Sugar to eat on her own – McDonald’s hamburgers.

"She ate every time I offered her a hamburger from that day forward, which meant twice daily trips to McDonald’s,” said Dr. Libby. “She would only eat McDonalds – not Burger King, Sonic, or Wendy’s.”

She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and began making her recovery, eventually eating puppy food and becoming the playful pup she was meant to be.

Kurt Jeffers and Joey Robinson had been looking for another dog to add to their family and a sibling for their Shih Tzu, Emma. After months of working with the Franklin County Dog Shelter to find their perfect match, Joey and Kurt received an email about Sugar, stating she was currently in the care of Dr. Libby due to a thyroid condition and would need close monitoring for the duration of her life.

"That news did not faze Joey and I,” said Kurt. “After reading her bio, we were anxious to meet her."

When they first took Sugar home she was small and only had patches of hair.

"She looked like she had a rough go of it…but I could see something in her eyes. And Emma fell in love with her within an hour. We knew we had found the right match.”

Sugar’s hair has since grown in fully and she is gaining weight. She is an active pup full of energy and happens to love music - often trying to sing along.

“We are thankful to everyone who played a part in bringing Sugar into our lives,” shared Kurt. “She is a real miracle and surprises us everyday.”

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